Saturday, January 06, 2018


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Marla Singer's Spirit Animal

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

All Hail the Lord of Darkness

I was given the task of creating a goat costume based on the character "Black Philip" from the film "The Witch"for the Dances of Vice party on Halloween. Though it was vaguely based on Black Philip, I decided I'd name him Kevin. All hail the Lord of Darkness: Kevin.  

I didn't get many shots at all of this costume in action, so I'll be planning some future shoots containing him in all his dark majesty. Spoiler alert, this costume contains stilts.

 Kevin in process, on the messy studio floor.
Disembodied Kevin.. Waiting for me to make his body. And give him a final paint job.

Body Double

A tube of metallic champagne colored lipstick inspired this shoot. most of my mannequins have names, from left to right: Ramon, Beverly, Anita, Manuela, Yolanda, Fiona, and Svetlana in the middle. The white plastic ones with loops on top don't have names yet.

Vintage hat: Best & Co
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Lipstick: Maybelline

All photography, editing, set design, styling, etc. by me. Self portrait, ppl.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Caught Red Handed Murdering Crows

I've finally turned my studio into a multifunctional space with a photo backdrop! Ive been testing it out with some self portraiture since I've been too busy this season to plan as many shoots as I want.

Dress: from my Aurora Coven collection
Masks: from the original costumes for "Cloud Cuckooland" by Desert Sin Dance Company
Boots: By Deena and Ozzy via Urban Outfitters
Gloves: B&Q 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Fashion Week 2018

I shall be returning to fashion week with a collection about the many interpretations of Saint Mary Magdalene. 

Model: Chrysta Spykes. Photo by Elseworlds Photography.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Faery Festivals

I bring an array of magical things to Faery Festivals across the East Coast! My favorite things to make are big sculptural costume pieces, like wings, masks, headpieces, and shoulder adornments, as well as couture costume pieces like gowns and coats. I work as a costume designer for many different productions, and show two collections a year at NY Fashion Week, so I always bring a rack of runway samples and lightly used costumes to share with customers. Every piece has a story, and is often one of a kind. I also have a ready-to-wear collection of leggings, bell bottoms, bodysuits, and tops made in colorful spandex blends. These are made in small batches in my studio in NJ, and are available in sizes XS-XL.

I make a variety of wings from large articulated fabric feathered ones, to ones made from sustainable harvested feathers, to tiny paper mache ones to stick in the back of a corset. Prices range from $30-$600 depending on size and materials.

Headpieces allow me freedom as a sculptor to experiment with many different wearable shapes. I studied painting and paper mache techniques in Venice, Italy, and use my knowledge to make lightweight, durable, water-resistant pieces that help the wearer take on the mantle of a character. My favorite things to make are animal masks, floral headbands, halo pieces, and nautically themed hats. Prices range from $20-$50 for simpler headband pieces, to $75-$350 for the bigger hand-sculpted pieces.

My ready-to-wear line currently consists of leggings, bell bottoms, shorts, bodysuits, tops, and swimmable mermaid tails made from four-way stretch spandex blends. I use a variety of prints including wood grain, mermaid scale, stone, puppies in space, and more. Every time I release a couture collection, I add a print to my lineup. The purpose of the line is to create comfortable layers to wear with bigger costume pieces, or on their own. Leggings are $50, bell bottoms $80, tops $35, shorts $35, and bodysuits $40-$150 depending on details and embellishments.

I release two couture collections a year during NY fashion week, and work to create couture costume pieces for productions and shoots throughout NYC and the east coast. Of the costumes and samples I get back after projects are completed, I offer the ones in better condition to my customers at a reduced rate. It also allows for people to get ideas for custom orders that we design together.

My booth setup shifts depending on the space I'm in. For outdoor events I use a 10x10 foot tent with a gold and brown brocade canopy. I have a dressing room in the corner for trying things on. Many of my current booth photos are from indoor events.

Here are more images that I couldn't fit into my photo collages!

Photographers include Jane Kratchovil, Adrian Buckmaster, Michael Blase, Babs Daniels, Bora Images, Christopher Anderson, Mark Feigenbaum, Anna Fischer, Andy Jordan, and myself.


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Lost Girls: Better Late Than Never!

These are some awesome post-show shots taken by the amazing Christopher Anderson, at my "Lost Girls" show back in September. After the show is when things tend to get silly, as you may notice.

Model: Frankie Marie

Margaret Owens

Lilith Barlow

Elaina Katharein


Jessie Seeherman

Ivy Dominique

Gen Rudolph

Katie Kat

Katie Kat

Katie Kat

Lilith Barlow

Kristin Etzold, Me, Jack Walsh

Kristin Etzold, Me, Jack Walsh

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