Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Seamonster Pictures!!

I was really lucky on this project to be working with many very talented people. I had 4 professional dancers, who not only looked great and danced spectacularly, but helped coach the non-dancers in being really expressive with their movement. I also was able to work with some great photographers, and of course the wonderful Shien Lee, who puts the Dances of Vice events together.

This photo is by Celine Gaille, a lovely photographer whom I am going to be working with a lot more in the future.

The following photos are by Michael Gwilliam.
Dancer Emily Edwards, who I first met that day, and was more amazing than I could have expected.

Me in my Nautilus costume, which at some point will probably have a new paintjob

Djahari Clark and Zahra Hashemian, dancers from Desert Sin
Renata Bergen, also of Desert Sin
Grant Newton, a ship enthusiast.

Seamonster Pictures!

MY Seamonster Show came and went, and it was a fantabulous night! My crew of seamonsters and ships danced and swam and intimidated each other, and I'm happy to say that I think the spectacle was worth it. It will take a while to knock this experience off the top.

Below are some photos from my friend Voon Wai, who is always a really great supporter of my work, and may soon be modeling for me!
Andy Jordan and I. He was a fish boy, and I was a nautilus creature.

A very entertaining picture of Voon himself with the lovely Sara Bender

Marc Robinson and I, Dancing together

Olivia Gagne and Sara Bender

Andy Jordan and Matthew Rogers

More pictures in a bit!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seamonsters and Swhipwrecks!

I will be doing a show about seamonsters and shipwrecks at this event! It will occur around 11pm on Saturday the 21st. Everyone stick around for the show! the event itself will be marvelous as well!

More info on this event HERE.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Aftermath of Brooklyn Indie Market

No time for a real entry, so here is some feedback the event and I got from various blogs and websites. No news yet of anything in print. Pictures from my personal camera soon.

Model: Olivia Gagne
These are from, and are super awesome because they credited the designers. And there's video! Go see it! (model:Genevieve Cerri)

THIS site also credited me! Wooo! (model: Patrick Harrington)

This one comes from HERE. This lady was taking pictures from behind a fence, while 3 other photographers where taking pictures of Olivia. It was surreal. (also note, a new unweildy dress is on the way... its about 2/3rds of the way done... this one will be grey and purple and brown)

Another photographer's Blog

And of course Metromix

and some VIDEO coverage
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