Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Tear Sheet!

Photos by Nikolai DeVera, Styling by Francis Urrutia. Black and white beaded collar by me.

Items I sell at Faery Festivals

I sell my products at a lot of different events. Renaissance festivals, steampunk events, bridal shows, even a horror movie event or two. Every time I vend someplace, I have to re-establish what I sell in order to fit the feel of the event. 

So this is an example of some things you might find if you were come visit me while I was vending at a  Faery festival:




This is a small selection of what I vend at Faery Festivals, but each item is unique and handmade!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Couture Fashion Week Fundraiser

Help me get to fashion week! 

I got accepted to show at Couture Fashion Week! I'm super excited! But now I have to raise funds to do it, so I am having a fund raiser that doubles as a holiday sale. So get some presents for yourself or others and help me show on a bigger stage than I've ever been on before!

Clicke HERE to go to my fundraiser to see what it's all about!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Editorial for IN Magazine

Shoot for IN Magazine Dubai.
Photographer: Nikolai De Vera
Stylist: Francis Urrutia
Model: Iggy

This was one of my favorite shoots my stuff has been involved in. When I get the magazine in my hands I will be extremely happy.
 Left: I made the chestplate. Right: I made the corset
 Left: I made the gold shirt underneath the dress.
I made the headpiece.

Glass Box Collection at Dorian's Parlor

Better late than never! This is from a show I did at Dorian's Parlor with my Glass Box collection.

Makeup by DS Crystalline

 Model: Rowan Starr

 Avi Kaminski

 Lilith Bear

 Ivy Dominique

 JaQuinley Kerr

 Jessica Orsini

 Amber Leon

 Nancy Ferris and Bill McCall

 Nancy Ferris

 Bill McCall

 Jessie Seeherman

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