Saturday, February 21, 2009

The day after...

The show at Wicked Faire went wonderfully, I shall hopefully have photo evidence and video footage soon.  There were a few tiny things that I wasn't satisfied with in my costumes, however they were only very minor details, like buttons, and extra drapery, and such things will be fussed with before version 2 of the show, taking place on March 21, at one of my favorite venues, Dances of Vice.

It really was one of the better group shows I have participated in. Usually when a group of designers has a show of this nature, there are usually a few who don't impress me (as I am rather difficult to impress sometimes). However, every single design and model in this show was something stunning and memorable.

Soon, my good friend Stephen is going to post some video he shot of the runway and some backstage antics, and thus the show can be seen by all!

Also, A huge thank you to everyone who modeled for me (and Stephen), as you made my work look prettier, and didn't complain through wearing uncomfortable shoes and corset/dress/paintings!

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