Sunday, March 08, 2009

Some News And Some Photos

A shot of my headdress

Mia Johnson 

More photos HERE.

Another show on March 21st at Dances of Vice, the same Little Red Riding Hood collection, but with 3-4 new looks, as well as a more dramatic way of presenting it.

In other news, since the last couple months I have immersed myself in costume making, I am itching to get back to painting and sculpting. I have a bunch of ideas, that may have to wait till after the 21st, even though I'd love to have a break from this theme.  Hopefully I can create them before the ideas go stale.

Also, trying to slowly get back into dance and arialism by stretching and conditioning every day. I want to be able to base my future costume endeavors on choreography, and thus want to be physically involved in it. But thats for later, after a long break for painting and sculpting!

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