Monday, April 13, 2009

Currently, I am trying to pack the costume in the below post (the one on Andy) into a suitcase so as to bring it to Envoy Gallery tomorrow night.  It is an interesting process and I am using shoelaces to keep the zippers closed.  

Despite the interesting packing, it is part of a show themed around Disappearing Bodies. Envoy Gallery is located at 131 Chrystie Street, between Broome and Delancey

Aside from that, I am going to be starting to paint the movie poster for Love For Sale, the short film I worked on for the Cannes Film Festival. It will be showing in the short film corner.

I am also preparing to venture up to Toronto for Alternative Fashion Week, which is so exciting I am doing mental wiggly dances almost constantly. Though I am incredibly excited for the fashion show, and seeing everyone else's work,  I am also excited about being able to explore Toronto a little bit the day after the show. If anyone knows of  interesting things I should check out while I am there, let me know!

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