Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Years Show in Barrie!

I am having a fashion show in Barrie Ontario, on New Years eve! I will be showing twenty-something designs (about 5 or 6 brand new things) based on the themes of Snow, and Party! Consequently, my jeep will be packed with lots of party dresses, and white floofy things! I will also be doing a feature shoot for Imago Magazine, which I am very excited about! Some examples of things to be shown:

In other news, because of the hype around the new Alice movie, lots of conventions and venues will be doing Wonderland themed events in the upcoming months. I have been writing a film based around the characters and setting of "Alice and Wonderland" for some years now, so I will be attempting to make some of the costumes in my concept folders for these shows. The writing of my film, however, I've put on hold, as no one in their right mind would make an Alice film at a time when Mister Burton is doing the same thing, but with a few more zeros in his budget.

Anyway, more on my future shows and the address of this one later! I hope everyone has a very happy holiday, full of family, warmth, and robotic starfish!

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Anonymous said...

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