Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Subject of Mr. McQueen

Upon finding out that Alexander Mcqueen has died, I find myself upset on a deeper level than I expected. His work over the years showed me that if you wish to create the impossible, and work hard enough toward it, it can be done. As someone who is sometimes told that I take on too much, or that my over-ambitiousness is bordering on obsessive, his work has always been an icon to keep me on track, aside from also being immensely inspiring.

He was probably the closest thing to a role model I can admit to having, as he crossed genres and psychological categories with ease, and gave me hope that I wasn't crazy for wanting to devote my life to silly art projects.

Rest in peace, Sir McQueen, I'm not sure any other artists' work will have an effect on me like yours did.

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