Friday, March 25, 2011

Non-Project Stuff..

After the completion of Winter In The Woods, I finally got to take a breather. And sit down, and get more than 5 hours of sleep per night (it was awesome!). I have been catching up on all the blogs I like to read. Whilst doing this, I became aware that I was spending the most time on blogs that told me thoughts and opinions as well as events, rather than ones that simply post the accomplishments of the blogger.

Now from the start of this blog, I always wanted to avoid the stereotype of the preteen girl who tells her every thought and whim to livejournal. Though I'm now noticing that I seem to be leaning more towards only posting when something huge happens, and it tends to be quite dry. Perhaps, dare I say, I can aim towards a middle ground? Maybe show that though I am a work-machine, I do have time (at least once every few months) to do something like move things around my room, or eat something, or paint? Well, here's some evidence to that:

So my roommate was cleaning out the underneath of a bed he inherited from me, and low and behold, look what I had without realizing it. The story here is that I did some work for someone a long time ago, with the idea that he was going to pay me with a sewing machine, and other junk he was throwing away. When I received all the junk (lovely useful junk.. like zippers.. and a table) I thought he forgot to include the sewing machine. I didn't say anything about it, since he gave me a ton of other cool stuff, but low and behold, hidden in a bucket with hundreds of zippers was this beautiful vision:

Food time! Leftover Tagliatelli con fungi misto, from Bella Paula's in Croton on HUdson NY. I don't cook all that much, since I'd rather spend time making other less practical things, but depicted here in this bowl I made a few years ago, is homemade pasta with amazing mushroomness. I recommend Paula's. Plus Paula is probably the most adorable waitress on the face of the earth.

Aaaand some painting supplies. I intend on painting. It is my first love, and I never get a chance to do it. I'll probably paint pictures of my friends, or maybe depict a weird daydream I had about mimes. Who knows, but when it happens, I'll post it.

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