Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello All!

Its that time of year when I have a bunch of junk coming up, and I want all of you to attend, and either view a crazy performance, or spend money in my booth! Or both! Below are some delicious photos of some of the pretty, strange, or otherwise questionable things you may be able to find in my gypsy caravan/convention booth/hotel room.

But before you can view them, you must read about the events! Ah yes, bribery.. I'm not above it..

  • First up, from May 5-8, I will creepily appear in at the National Haunter's Convention, in booth #1809. This convention, which I've heard a great deal of good things about, but have never been to, will commence at the Valley Forge Convention Center, in King of Prussia, PA. Also note, it appears to be ginormous. At this convention, I'll be vending my usual jewelry, corsets and costumes, and may possibly be participating in a ghoulish fashion show.
  • Second, on May 20-22, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Somerset NJ, I will be equally creepy, but in a more brass-time-travely way at STEAMPUNK WORLDS FAIR!!! Woooo! I did the fashion show for this last year, and it was as much fun as a dirigible covered in robot squirrels. Which I think is pretty fun. At this event, I will be vending, participating in the fashion show on Sunday with many steam-fantasy looks, and possibly sponsoring and costuming my favoritest steam-glam-rock band, Left Outlet. On another note, I will be costuming the actress performing as Queen Victoria, and most likely contributing to the many faceted outfits of the one and only Psyche Corporation.
  • Third, it is unconfirmed, but I am attempting to breach the dark side of nerd-dom and vend an anime con. More news on this if I end up doing it or not, but I may be shaking up the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC, for Animazement. If this happens, be on the lookout for a green and purple supervillainess trying to sell you her jewelry and corsets that are clearly full of dark magical powers. Like the kind that if you touch them, you will be convinced that you are a banana for 27 minutes each day for the rest of your life..
So that's what I'm up to in May. In June, I'll be vending all 3 weekends of Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire, up in Ansonia CT. But more on that later.

And now I'm done telling you about events. You've been a good reader, you can look at the pictures now. You've earned them.

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