Saturday, May 28, 2011

Steampunk World's Faire 2011 photos

So SteamPunk World's Faire is finally over, and I am still resting it off. I sponsored a band, I made Queen Victoria's dress, I costumed said band, and I vended all weekend, as well as not sleeping a wink and participating in the fashion show.

Here are some awesome images by Babette Daniels from the fashion show, and the prep beforehand.

I also wanted to thank the awesome models who helped me out, half of whom I had not even met before that day.

Modeled by Drew Smith
Cindy Parisi
Joanna Haberman
Joanna Haberman
Me. I'm in there.
Me again..
Amber Love
Kat John Adams
Sadie Magnas
Ashley Neuhaus
Kim Sharkey
Kristin Etzold
Darlene Davidson
Kristin Etzold
Lilith Bear being helped by Liz Jacobsen of Treasures and Tales Boutique
Piles of shoes and headpieces
Some shoes I augmented to make more spiky and sparkly

What a weekend. I think it will take me months to sleep it off.. Stay tuned for more pics of the band Left Outlet all dressed up in my stuff for their performances!


Amber Love said...

My pleasure to be part of this show!

Knightmare6 Photography said...

I didn't know you were there until the day of :(

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