Friday, September 23, 2011

Psyche Corporation's Performance at Anachronism

Once again I had the pleasure of dressing Psyche Corporation for her performance at Anachronism. This time, she wore a red skirt with snaps up the front from my Monstrous collection, and a corset covered in antique industrial spools.

She looked awesome as usual, and her performance was tremendously influenced by her new band members, cellist Michael Lunapiena and guitarist Paul Hoppe. Soon she will have another mysterious member of her band.. playing bass and saxaphone... I wonder who that might be..

Also, these marvelous photos were taken by the one and only Babs Daniels, a lovely creature, made of what can only be described as sunshine-joy-fun-penguins.

And here's some pictures of my masks in the dressing room. Babs is so good at taking photos of still lives!

And here's me and some friends being outward about how sleepy we were after an 8 hour long event!

1 comment:

jasmine said...

This is so unique I love the button shirt!!!

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