Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glass Box

I premier my new collection, Glass Box, a collection about mimes and breaking through invisible restraints, at Brooklyn Indie Market. This is my fourth year doing this show with the market, and each year, it gets better. The Market opens at 10am, and the fashion show starts at 6pm, so get there early!

This year, I will have 14 or 15 models, and a fabulous vending booth right next to the main entrance staircase. I will also be creating a window display with my booth in the big window right next to the main door.

Also, for everyone who attended last year, and thought that the runway setup was not as visible as it could have been, please know that I will be building a raised runway, and press and photographer sections will be more carefully thought out, so that everyone in the audience can see.

I will be the first designer to show my work at 6pm, other designers include Alex London, and Berit NY.

I hope to see you there!
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