Monday, April 16, 2012

Desert Sin Mermaid Costumes

I have been working with Desert Sin Dance Company for a while now, in particular, working on the costumes for their dance "Scylla". This dance contains mysterious and dark mermaid-like siren characters who look as though they have been resting on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years.

Recently, Desert Sin was asked to perform a more upbeat version of this same dance, and to have brighter, more lighthearted costumes. So I helped them by creating bright colored corset pieces to go over the more sinister costumes I built before. And then they added adorable flowers on their heads, and I think everyone went home happy!

From left to right, the lovely ladies include Cassandra RoseBeetle, Djahari Clark, Zahra Hashemian, Renata Bergan, and Amanda Mottur.

If anyone ever has a chance to catch a performance of Desert Sin, or any of the other projects these dancers are involved in, I highly recommend it, as they have certainly inspired me with their talent and creativity.

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