Monday, November 25, 2013

My Trip to New Orleans

I usually get out of town when I don't have to worry about fashion week, and I recently took a very inspiring trip to New Orleans. The best part was the chapel of St. Roch's Cemetery. The chapel had a hauntingly spare beauty, but the truly striking part was a tiny room to the right of the altar that contained letters, plaster limbs, locks of hair, and medical braces of all sorts. I could write for hours about the tangible feeling of innumerable entities having been there through the years to offer thanks or beg for help.

Sometimes when I take a trip, I know that at some point I will be presented with an unavoidable opportunity to unearth the deepest parts of myself. This tiny room gave rise to raw emotions that I shared with those who came to that place before me.

I'm inspired to reach for more vulnerable places in my work because of this experience. I'll let the photos explain the rest.

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