Thursday, January 08, 2009


More pictures from Milan:
I love when blues look slightly out of context with the place they are in.
Currently, I am sick with bronchitis, and having not made the fruitless trek to NY to only spend a couple hours there for the day, I intended on getting some work done today. The good Lord, as it seems, will have none of that, and I now find myself wondering "why did I take that sudafed? Why?"

In other, more important news, I got to meet none other than Julie Taymor, a director I have revered for a long time. At Izquierdo's, we are making a set of Harpy wings for her upcoming film The Tempest, my Boss, a coworker, and I had to go to Steiner Studio to do a fitting. We were worried that she would have a lot to comment on, that we needed to go in a different direction, or that she just plain wouldn't like them, and yet, when she came up to see the actor in them, she responded very well, and we all sighed in relief.

I will most likely have to be an additional assistant when they shoot the scene that this character is in, which excites me greatly, as I have never been on a film shoot of this caliber.

I took many photos at the fitting, and even some video footage, though, It will have to wait until the film airs before I am able to post them.

And now, Tor try and fight the side affects of Sudafed, and attempt to stay awake long enough to be productive!

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