Sunday, January 04, 2009

Uncertain Musings

Sometimes I am stuck between a number of projects I want to do. Right now, my dilemma seems to be whether I spend my time sewing or painting. Painting is my favorite form of art, but I need more time to conceptualize and motivate myself to do it, as though it takes more pre-planning to develop a sophisticated idea. Perhaps that is why it is my preferred way of spending time: it challenges me. My costumes, on the other hand, are more near to the surface of my mind. They are like sketches made with fabric, and it is an immediate object. I view the costumes as sculptures; shapes with form, and they seem to have a more concrete effect on anyone who views them.  I have been trying to mix my two favorite activities, and I had some ideas about making canvas dresses to paint on, though the ideas are not fleshed out enough for me to take action on.

Well, perhaps by my next post I will have lit a fire under my tail, and will have either a painting or a costume started, or both.

No new photos to show, so I thought I'd pull some from when I went to Italy for the CoMon Competition. These are from a day trip we took to Milan.

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