Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ahoy! I have not put up a post in a while, as I have been thoroughly enjoying resting for my holiday vacation.  
         Things have been slowly picking up at my place of work, and I have recently been working on Harpy wings for the Tempest, a Shakespeare play soon to be made into a film directed by Julie Taymor. The wing-making involves lots of poisonous chemicals, and lighting things on fire in order to melt holes in various materials, which makes Kristin a happy girl.
In other news, I was very inspired today to start work on my line of clothing/costumes, perhaps due to one full night's sleep and 2 full cups of coffee...  Fortunate as it was to feel motivated, I fell into my personal trap of being over ambitious, and thus designed a whole new collection based on a nautical theme, even though I have barely started my current one. My current collection is based on Little Red Riding Hood, and has elements of Lycanthropy involved. perhaps soon I shall post a sneak peek of what I have been working on.

That having been said, here is a picture of a chihuahua in pajamas:
This little thing is named Penelope, or Peepee, for obvious reasons. She belongs to my friend and co-worker Sam Hill (yes, that's his real name).  This is one of the 4 dogs that runs around the studio all day, bringing sunshine, camaraderie, and presents of multiple types to our daily lives.

These are one of 4 pairs of wings we made for the Video Game Awards on MTV. We are making similar wings for an upcoming episode of Ugly Betty, which is themed around "looks that are too dangerous to wear".

And lastly, an Antlerboy!

Happy New Year!


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