Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Brooklyn Indie Market Show: Oct. 24th!

So I was googling Victorian and Steampunk costumery, to get my head in gear for what I have to bring to the Brooklyn Indie Market show this year, and low and behold, on the first page of images, I find images of my costumes from last year! Well, I guess thats a good thing, though it means I have to be extra resourceful in finding inspiration! I can do that, I take joy in such things. Come to the show, and see how it all plays out!

So in the past few weeks, a few things have happened.

1. I had surgery to get my mutinous gallbladder removed, (which put a damper on my creative urges, let me tell you. Difficult to make 40 pound corset dresses when it hurts to stand up! and that pesky weight restriction...)

2. While this bodily mutiny is going on, I had been feverishly finishing up the costumes for Desert Sin's performance, Twitchers, which closes this weekend. (Go see it! I heard from people who ventured to see it that it was splendiforous!) Luckily, I decided to put lots of beads on the costumes, and at least that is sitting-down work.

3. After I finished the Desert Sin costumes, (2 days before my surgery) I started making stock for my booth at the Medieval Festival at the Cloisters, up at Fort Tryon Park. At this point, I was finally becoming exhausted. I stressed about not having enough dresses, not having enough bags, the fact that some of my corsets weren't lined... oh how I stressed. Faire day came, and no one seemed to want any dresses. However, lined or not, I sold all but 2 of the corsets I brought. Well, this being my first vending experience, and certainly my first Medieval/Renaissance Faire used as a commercial prospect, I didn't know what to expect. I now know, I should just stick to corsetry, which is my first love, in costume terms. It was an overall good experience, and I intend to vend again. Hopefully with more corsets, with different sizes, and ALL of them will be lined.

I shall keep everyone posted about the Brooklyn Indie Market Show, pictures from Twitchers, and future vending endeavors. And perhaps even paintings of my surgery aftermath, since I dig that kind of thing.

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