Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Stuff on Etsy!

Click HERE to see my new stock in my Etsy store! I will be posting about 9 or 10 new items before the week is out, including painted corsets, beaded bags, and beaded Medieval dresses. So tell your friends! Tell your grandmas! Tell your friends' grandmas!

My shop is now actually a shop! No longer am I just posting one or two items as a placeholder! From this day forth, my reasoning for having fashion shows is to publicize my shop! (Imagine all this being stated as I stand atop a wooden box in a town square, shaking my fists vehemently at the moon.)


And in other news, after my Brooklyn Indie Market Show this weekend, I am going to start work on many nautical themed things. Sea monster mermaids for Desert Sin, shipwreck costumes for the Dances of Vice Festival (and for a ballet I am writing as well). And just yesterday I met a really interesting script writer named John who would love to have a mermaid tail that is realistic and can be used in the sea. And I would love to make it for him.

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