Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Bowie Day!

Modeled by the fantabulous Marc Robinson

Modeled by the spectacular Kelly Kotulak, who made all the awesome jewelry you see on my models

Yours Truly (necklace by Kelly)

Marc and I

Modeled by the marvelous Olivia Gagne

Kelly and I, staring at Mars, and the life that might be on it.

These are the pictures from a David Bowie themed fashion show I did on January 17th, at Don Hills (though I think I took quite a few liberties with the theme: is it glam? is it from Labyrinth? No one knows, but its shiny and there was a guitar present, and that's all that counts!). It was a small show, and a ton of fun, since I was so tired at that point, that I refused to worry about anything. I should be less stressed more often!

It was a great night, and I made some new friends with awesome people, and I hope I can do more events like this.

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