Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steampunk World's Faire Aftermath

Hello all, I have finally gotten over the delectable feeling of getting hit by the truck that is a fashion show, and have some of my personal photos to share with you. I'm sure there will be many posts about this event, as there were a plethora of photographers there, and if I find my costumes in their pictures, I will gladly share them. At the moment, Anna Fischer has some lovely ones of the different designer's looks, taken immediately after they came off the runway.

The fashion show was a fantastic event, coordinated by Brit Frady-Williams, a talented designer herself. She has actually been selected to participate in London fashion week in September this year, but like many gifted designers at this level, lacks the sufficient funds to get there. She is taking donations, and her Kickstarter project can be found HERE. If you can, please consider giving even a little bit to this cause, and I will consider it a favor to me. Brit has really helped me to publicize my work, and is a great person to boot. If anyone deserves to go to London and show it what she's got it's her.

Alright, that having been said, on to the pictures! Most if not all of these were taken by Nick Levinos, a musical fellow who is currently scoring a future show of mine!

Hillary Dragovich, a lovely lady who did not mind being dressed as a birdcage.
The ever expressive Marc Robinson

After the show was finally over, we got to have a photoshoot out near the parking lot.

Hillary and Marc on Saturday, when we were dressed up and enjoying the convention.
Hillary and Kelly

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