Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Evolving Blog

For years now I've blogged purely as a record of my accomplishments. I've posted videos, some writing, a LOT of photos of things I have done or been a part of. It is a good way of keeping track of things, though I think after years of doing the same thing, I may want my little artsy blog to grow.

I will of course be posting about all the crazy things I am creatively pursuing, but I might start posting more personal writings, and revealing more of my interests. For instance, in the upcoming months, I might talk to you more about things I am inspired by.  The redesign of my studio. My interest in the tiny house movement. Perhaps even some photos of my sister's ridiculous dog Lulu, who loves getting tangled up in my sewing supplies and laying all over my half finished drawings.

Another big part of my blog evolution will be me trying to acknowledge the blogging community on points that resonate with the subject matter at hand, in efforts to make this blog a more well rounded experience for me as a writer, and you as a reader.

And possibly a re-design is in the works. Why the heck not. I added the little widget thing at the bottom of the posts... Do you see it? That window thingamajig that recommends past posts? The one that every other blog on the planet has had for like 17 years? Guess who's go two thumbs and is catching up with the times! This lady!! I even have an Instagram now! You don't have to hide your excitement, I know you are all completely overjoyed by my progress with the mysterious webernet contraption.

Stay tuned for more mindblowing advances in my usage of my beloved weblog platform.

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