Monday, October 27, 2008

Grand Chrononaut's Tea

Mia Johnson, a boy named Raine, and me, waiting in line before the first half of the show.

Gen's back, me, and some other models for other designers.

My roommate sent me a craigslist ad for a fashion show, and though I feared sketchy men with nothing on under their jackets, I responded due to the fact I had an abundance of costumes in my closet.  It ended up being a fantastic event, in which I showed with some great steampunk designers, and my models got some great praise.  I modeled as well, and it was the first time that I have ever been made up by a professional makeup artist. It felt like someone was massaging my face with brushes and paint.

I had ten looks, most of which I have used for other events and projects, and they got LOTS of press, more than I ever expected!  Look at these links, look at them I say:

There are more, but I have Thai food waiting for me!  If anyone finds any more photo evidence, send a link my way!

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