Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is coming!

All Hallows' Eve is fast approaching, and though it is by far my favorite holiday, due to my love of both mythology and costume (and debauchery), I often find myself too tired by the time Halloween actually gets here to do anything spiffy on the 31st. This year, I had many great ideas for a costume, first settling on being a steam-powered robot, then switching to the Queen of Spades, then finally settling on wanting to be an octopus. Now, a few nights away from my favorite night of the year, I find myself exhausted from fashion shows, work, being sick, and moving out of my apartment. Thus, I begin digging through my closet yet again, to find something suitable to wear to a Halloween Dances of Vice event, based around a murder mystery theme. We will see how it goes, and hopefully I can muster up the strength to draw a dastardly mustache on myself.

We shall see how the night progresses, and surely I will have pictures of the debauchery, costumes and the myths to ensue. Rest assured, by next year, I will have constructed the niftiest octopus costume the world has ever seen, and it will be the very thing I pull out when I dig around in my closet, the week before next Halloween!

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