Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Photos from the Vault!

I am attempting to update my Flickr account to make it more up to date, as I have hundreds of photos I would love to post and thoroughly label.  Here are some scrumptiously silly old scenarios that I am having a hard time categorizing:

From Left to right, me, Amanda Klimek, and Mary Benyo, in a photo set by Jamie Herman.  All three of those ladies are immensely talented! The purple dress is one I made for a project about the Three Graces.

Sam Bennett and I after completing Karolina Kurkova's wings for the 2007 Victoria's  Secret Fashion Show. Our faces (seen through an opening in the wings) show our joy at finally being done, and we pooped glitter for a week afterwards. Well, I certainly did!  I will be posting pictures from the wings this year very soon!

Andy and I the day after our fashion show in Ohio in June this year. We both had massive headaches, but stopping at a place entitled "Grandpa's Cheesebarn" and making hair mustaches was an experience that one tells to their children later in life, so we couldn't miss it.

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